The activities of the TRITon project are carried out mostly in the dedicated laboratory, where researchers coming from each of the partners collaborate on research and development activities. The laboratory is a pivotal element of the TRITon project, as it is the place where ideas are generated, designed, and tested before the actual deployment in the test sites. Moreover, the laboratory is also interconnected with the tunnels on the test sites, therefore enabling the remote acquisition of experimental data from the systems deployed, as well as the testing of functionality related with remote monitoring and control.
The laboratory is currently composed of two areas:
  • 3 offices over about 90 sqm, hosting a dozen of permanent researchers;
  • an experimental area of about 70sqm, where various types of devices and sub-systems are developed and tested before their actual deployment. This second area also serves as a demo room for illustrating specific results.
The laboratory is entirely and solely dedicated to the activities of the TRITon project. It is expected that, after the conclusion of the project, the laboratory remains as a center of aggregated competencies on innovative road tunnel management.
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